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tv   [untitled]    January 8, 2015 3:00am-3:31am PST

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"rowrnd the" i'm requesting that the commission consider this proposal, warriors multi-purpose arena as an opportunity to invest in the entire san francisco community including schools, families and loabl businesses and for generations to come. i'm asking that you work together with all the san francisco government agencies, the warriors and local businesses and nonprofit organizations in order to initiate and establish a nonprofit foundation specifically dedicated to raise funds to support the successful design implementation and long-term operations of a professional sports business, education, public private partnership. that is to say that this to build a model warriors arena high school classroom inside the arena would be well worth the investment, provide year round education and career development programs
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inside this arena and event center. this facility can inspire new evolving businesses through cooperative sports and education ventures and events within the warriors arena in mission bay. please review my previous letters which outline some of the local national, international goals of my proposal and the objective and benefits including how the evolution of this classroom can serve as a magnet to attract and meet schools and other districts and colleges and universities, teachers and business and government leaders in order to mutually share and connect and learn from the san francisco community all year round. at the same time san francisco can enhance and expand our capacity to creatively assist in the development of new business opportunities and healthy sister city relationships through cross cultural education, jobs career development and business exchange programs from around the state and the country and throughout the americas. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. >> the next person is leah pineter. i can't read your writing. can you spell your name? >> i am leah [inaudible] and a bay view resident also a mother. i'm exciting to see the new arena and take my family to events and concerts as well. san francisco needs the arena. there is nothing like it in that part of town and a great destination for those in san francisco for those that live here and those coming to visit. i'm excited about the bay front park and great for families for them to enjoy and bring friends as well. it will be a great beautiful view and it's something that is great for the environment and really bring
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happiness and joy as well as bringing the community together in the southeast part of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. >> and the last person is palo castles schultz. >> good afternoon. >> i'm kidding. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am the business program manager for the san francisco bicycle coalition. i am here this afternoon to acknowledge the warriors and their development team as well as ocii and other city agencies as being responsive and respective partners thus far in the project and let you know that the transportation plans still do have some ways to go. bicycling as you know is the fastest growing mode of transaction in san francisco. the number of people riding the bikes has doubled since 2006
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and the city has ambirs goals of doubling that and two years after the arena open. this is an ideal site for generating more bicycle trips, trips that reduce road congestion and allieve traffic and quality of life and from 2-miles from caltrain and at embarcadero and bart and convergage of bike route its has the potential to be the most bike arena in the country. we are pleased that they are invested in improving the on site bike infrastructure on all four sides of the ooh! -- arena. we have functions that biking is a fun way to attend vents and promotions and other encouragements to biking to the
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facility so we look for continued support to make the arena the most bike friendly in the country but we are concerned with the assumptions in the transportation management plan. particularly around bicycle mode share and the number of bicycle parking spaces planned for the site. the tmp -- last time we saw it and 2% bicycle share to the site yet the neighborhood is at 5% and the city is at 4% and the goals are 8% by 2020 and lower than the goals. additionally existing planning code which would have applied to piers 30 and 32 but not in this case calls for event based parking for minimum of 5% of capacity, about 900 spaces, but the project is proposing significantly fewer. we expect and hope and all parties have been great partners and through the process these numbers will
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move upward and will provide bicycle parking in line with those numbers. we look forward working with the team and support of this commission to make the arena a world class venue in the neighborhood and a safe comfortable place to get around by bike, foot and transit. thank you. >> thank you. >> madam chair i have no further speaker cards. >> any member of the public would like to address the commission on this item? can you please state your name? >> yes. i thought i turned in a card. i am harris edgely. i am from the western edition community and also would like to say i run an organization that the warriors did sponsor a couple of events but it's hard to get excited at this day and time. when the western edition was the first project of the redevelopment agency and since they have been in the neighborhood and closed the
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african-american community is no longer there. we have businesses closing. the last project we had -- yoshi's and on the way out. as ace washington was speaking -- you know everybody else's neighborhood with the uc campus and all of that looks very great but unfortunately redevelopment destroyed the african-american community. >> >> we can't blame the successor agency or the redevelopment. too bad they all failed. everything created failed. they failed to reach out to the community. we had hand picked so-called leaders and so-called businesses that failed, got checks after checks, millions of dollars to keep running and we have nothing. r at this day and time the
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fillmore center is going condo conversion. they're not accepting section 8 comm. like i said yoshi's -- sent a letter to the mayor's office and they can't handle it and getting out of the business and it's hard to get excited about the warriors but i am concerned about the black community on third street and even though they're reaching out and like i said they reached out to me as well i am concerned. we have all these developments and the migration of african-americans in san francisco has been a big topic over the years. with the housing authority they're going private. we are talking about the young lady -- we are talking about the quality of life. now the event center is beautiful but we're dealing with quality of life as african-americans in san francisco, and i don't know when or how it will ever be addressed but somehow the
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redevelopment before you guys actually close out have to do something about the western edition. maybe you can reach out to some of the developments coming and do something, but at this point now with the addition like i said it's on the way out of the door i don't forsee anything else. that's my comments and hopefully you will do something before you finally close out. >> thank you. any other speakers before i close public comment? seeing none. public comment is now closed. this is a workshop so commissioners any questions of staff, of the warriors? any comments? >> [inaudible] >> you have no comments, questions? >> public comment. >> i'm sorry, but i think
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you've -- mr. washington. >> [inaudible] >> no. public comment is now closed and you offered your public comment on this item. i do have -- do you have public comment ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> please. even though i just closed it. i'm sorry sir i think you had public comment but i will open it -- >> i apologize. >> this is not the public comment section. >> i apologize. >> no, no. this is a workshop. we would like to hear all views. is this on the warriors? >> no. i'm sorry. i'm on the next one. >> okay. all right. okay. so strike what i just said. okay. i have questions. i am pleased to hear about the traffic management plan, so i would like to ask some questions about it, so i don't know catherine your voice is going. i don't want it to be gone, but maybe i will start -- >> probably we have peter here
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from m ta so we will bring him up. i want to encourage you even if a workshop we will have the eir and if you have questions on a major phase please bring them out and it will inform the next steps that we go through. >> absolutely. i have more of a procedural question on the traffic management plan. does this commission have approval or authority over the ultimate plan or if not what impact do we have beyond the workshop or eir process? >> i'm going to ask adam from oewd. >> yes. >> just if i may to preface haze remarks through the role as
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the load ceqa agency there is environmental analysis in the tmp is part of that so as part of the approval actions they and mitigation measures identify responsible agencies whether it's one of these just to set the stage for the remarks. >> thank you chair rosales. director bohee. i am from the office of economic development department and we are working with the project sponsor and the city and will be included as part of the project description for the supplemental eir and address the topics that catherine addressed earlier and parking control officers and like the officers surrounding a giants game we are looking at 17 parking control officers for a site that is 40% of the attendance of the giants games so a very strong presence on
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the street for enforcement to protect the right of way pedestrians and bicycles getting out of the neighborhood and residents and transit and there is a plan we are working with m ta that will increase transit service on special events and the additional shuttles catherine mentioned earlier and changeable message signs to direct traffic and a whole series of additional transportation items where we will car share services, load and unload. where we stages the buses and the times of day and how does it interact with the rush hour? so all of that is built into the transportation plan and the supplemental plan for the eir when we complete the
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environmental process. >> okay. i guess i am concerned about the impacts of event game days as well as when the giants are playing and i haven't heard about that and conversations with the giants. >> i can invite the executive david carlack to add anything i missed but we have been having conversations with them on this topic. the good news is the seasons are complementary. on the last years there was one conflict on basketball games and major league baseball games. the concern that we have been hearing from the community is a special event at the arena or special event at the at&t park that coincide wses an athletic contest. it's unlikely we will have a basketball baseball conflict. it's a concert and a game so we're looking at a
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number of strategies to address that whether it's transit service, parking control officers staggered start times. we want to have two used sites and don't want an empty box in mission bay but we are aware of the concerns and the transportation network and allowing people to get to their homes and businesses so we are working on the details of that and bring it to a advisory meeting in march or april and getting the feedback and putting it into the plan and supplemental eir. >> so i am hearing you say if there is no conflict between the two sporting events that there maybe on a daily basis a sporting event? so given -- all i can say is i drive down the stretch of of the embarcadero on
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my way home on occasion. i avoid it on giant game days and there is an exit because i'm downtown but even on non game days it's tough there even with the traffic control and all of that so i am trying to get a sense of the traffic flow essentially and whether we're thinking deeply about it. >> i will let david fill in the gaps here. it's the additional events and so the concerts and community events. >> i am showing my bias. i know more about baseball than basketball. >> we will fix that. as adam mentioned we're studying this carefully and i will add a couple of things. the first is he alluded to -- we had a number of conversations with abby
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felder which i think you know well and working toward a good collaborative relationship how we approach this conceptually as well as what happens on the ground level and what occurs when in fact there are overlaps. as mentioned we think that would be unusual particularly with respect to warrior and giant games. the other events at the arena are significant lower amount. other events a sold out concert with the exception of what is called an in the round show which are unusual about 14,000 people. most other events will have family shows and more of that nature in the 5,000 to 6,000 person range so considerably smaller in the number of bodies and impact on the street grid. the other thing i will mention there are
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a number of other cities that have venues within similar proximities and with other consistent assets and traffic surroundings those stadiums and arenas and so forth so we have looked at carefully at those case studies and analyzing them. to one extent what is the problem that arising and what is the impact of events on the same day? and we learn that a difference in start and finish time of 45 minutes to an hour makes a significant difference because by not overlapping the arrival patterns are it takes air of the balloon and the congestion on the street. we looking at what are the best practices of getting out proactively ahead of these concerns? so our head of operations meeting on a quarterly basis? are they
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comparing notes and start times and how traffic personnel is deployed? we're in the process of completing that work and come back to ocii and others and present that shortly. >> okay. any questions? go ahead because i have more. >> thank you for taking a look at that. i think it's important what our commission president said about traffic management. not everybody rides a bike and especially if you want to make this a family friendly event realize that people drive their families, not riding bikes, so that is going to be key to take a look at, so i appreciate that. second and this is a broken record of mine, but as you look at creating this building, this area, really look at hiring local people, subcontractors, whether in the professional services, whether they be
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construction workers, whether providing -- you know, they're local delis, especially along third street that is losing business because of the construction. this is a great opportunity to contract with some of the local restaurants to provide some of the service of foods or whatever opportunities they have, so that's something we look at when it comes before us. we always ask staff about it and we get reports about how local hire and opportunities that local people can actually from what is happening in san francisco. >> sure. >> the same goes to any art pieces that you may be want to put in this arena or even in the halls of the office buildings. we have incredible artists that you see many of their works, whether they're on back drops for carlo santana to all great artists that we have -- especially in the southeast section so we have talked -- we
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maybe doing something to show case some of the artists that are local that could line the halls of the office building or line the halls of this beautiful stadium. >> great. thanks for the comments you. >> will hear that as a mantra, at least from me, but i know i'm not alone in the sentiments the property, the venue is a san francisco resource so we just promote -- want to promote our own to be able to benefit from it. >> we understand, and hopefully what you have heard and seen so far we're fundamentally committed to the community and making sure that we complete the appropriate outreach. >> great. thank you. >> commissioner mondejar. >> i was just going to ask a question of a follow up since we're talking about the tmp and this is from a different side of it. again my ignorance. i
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don't know the fan base but presumably you have a large following in the east bay and people are going to drive over, perhaps bart over. i would be interested in understanding if you don't understand answers now how is the influx of people coming into san francisco from other areas presumably we don't want you to lose the fan base from the east bay. >> sure. >> i am assuming that is part of the conversation. >> it is absolutely, and obviously one of our primary focuses is making sure we're not disconnected from the existing fan base in east bay so the warriors -- this might not be the place to go into detail but we're thinking about that. we're encouraged about the central subway and create a direct link from poll and park stop to the tline to the front door and maybe we haven't talked about how well served transit is
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and as adam described in his rarks remarks but we believe how we can influence the behavior of guests at the arena by intercepting them or communicating with them before they make their transit decisions and even along the way so if i am taking a car and downloaded the app for the arena we will be delivering i believe -- we're in the process of having conversations with central partners with this real time data to steer you toward a garage that is not only convenient to you, but fits in an overall really big data oriented plan how we locate guests at the arena to enable easy access for them and others around the building. >> great. thank you. >> so my question is on special events and there was a mention earlier that the
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special event arena is accommodate conventions and there was a comment earlier that moscone center can't host larger conventions like the democratic party convention for example. is that the plan? because you have 18,000 seats but in the event center going to attract convention eers? i live in the south of market and i know coming out of my building whether by car or transportation it takes forever. for example in front of the moscone center and they close the streets. >> sure. >> it's just difficult to get around. is this what is going to happy new year with the warriors special events arena because the neighborhood is there? in an extent the traffic jams -- not just the games but the special events? >> it's a very good question and actually i can give you a multi-part answer. in consistent with how we think
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about the building and how others perform in this market it's a satellite and other events at moscone. we don't have a large floor. we can't accommodate trade shows and things like that. we're not designed for that. we heard from the folks at moscone that could be helpful and attract other events they couldn't otherwise secure we could provide a tiered seating environment for events associated with a broader convention where the ceo might want to address the sales force and moscone isn't equipped for that type of event. that might be one of 40 things that happy new year in a convention and we could be of service potentially offering that. if you look at other buildings in busy markets
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like chicago and new york it doesn't happy new year frequently. if i think if we attracted a handful in a given year we would think it's better than expected. >> thank you. >> sure. >> commissioner bustos any other questions? i have some questions on noise impacts. i don't know if you're the person. why not. >> i will take a shot at it. >> okay. noise impacts. i am sensitive to the idea of being a neighbor of sports arena even though i live in bernal heights and don't have that issue but once upon a time represented the recreation and park department and there was concern about special events in golden gate park and i hear about ucsf talk about babies born and hospitalized. can you talk about noise mitigation strategies? >> as you know we study that as part of the ceqa exercise in the eir, and we have a
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consultant on board who have experience with similar kind was performance venue who is is in the process of helping us evaluate impacts or issues that we might encounter. in respect to the mitigation strjs we need to complete the analysis to determine if any mitigation strategies are required. we're lucky there is little residential close by and one thing we considered and the ucsf facilities are not that close to the building so all those things happy new year and the happy between the perceived sound at the receptor and where it's coming. distance has a geometric impact. it's one of the reasons why we pushed the building a little further towards the water, towards the bay opposed closer to third street. >> okay great. and the only other questions i had were about
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the first source hiring. in it's very early to talk about, but i guess i don't understand how that would work. how does it work? i guess i have lost -- kind of -- i lost track of that program and how that works in this kind of setting. >> no problem. great question to clarify some earlier discussion. i am with the project team helping on the project entitlements. as was alluded to one of the speakers during public comment the warriors even before moving to mission bay did a rather unique thing and they volunteered to subject themselves to what was then a pretty new ordinance in san francisco called the "local hiring ordinance" and intended to put more teeth behind the first source program by committing -- putting a framework in place requiring
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projects subject to the ordinance to meet certain goals and failure to meet the goals were backed by significant financial penalties and the warriors committed to that two years ago when up at the site on pier 30-32 and they're carrying that commitment forward which is significant and the first private project to volunteer to subject itself to that requiring ordinance. in addition now we're in mission bay we're subject to all of the mission bay requirements around local hiring and participating in the first source program we so expect on the construction side we will work closely with city build, with their community partners and always with ocii directly and your team that is working on those issues so we're very excited about the opportunity on the construction
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side to provide really robust local hiring opportunities for the work force on the construction side. in addition to that then this project offer what is is unique in mission bay anyway is significant use of end use jobs so we're developing a program to deploy community folks into end use jobs and anybody that knows my personal experience very focused on that issue and we're working very well with the warriors in developing those programs and partners and bay view hunter's point and south of market and to come up with a comprehensive strategy. we also as part of the overall move from oakland to san francisco it's worth noting we have entered into various labor agreements because in oracle many of the jobs are governed by union agreements so for example we entered into a agreement with local two here in san


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